Learning Objectives:

  •  Learn why Impressionist paintings were intentionally painted to appear different from reality
  •  Experiment with various styles and techniques used by the Impressionists
  •  Practise mixing colours using acrylic paint
Your task:
Study the PowerPoints below to familiarise yourself with the Impressionists, their styles and the techniques they used. 
Have a go at copying a section of a famous Impressionist painting as a means of learning the techniques originally used. 
What you will need: 
Acrylic paint, brushes, water, a palette, paper towels, newspaper, good quality painting paper, a pencil, eraser and a reference image.
Extension Task Option:
To stretch and challenge yourself, choose a reference image that allows you to demonstrate more colour mixing and a larger range of paint application techniques, e.g. blending, layering and stippling. 
You could work to a larger scale so you can fit in more detail, gradients and colour variations.
Introduction to Impressionism:
Painting in Layers:
Step-by-step guide:
Mr Lax's example:
Study of a section of Édouard Manet's 'Olympia' painting.
Examples by previous Year 9 students:
Top Tips:
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