Learning Objectives:

  •  Familiarise yourself with the basic layout and functions of Photoshop
  •  Understand how images can be enhanced in a way that supports the painting process
  •  Experiment with selection tools, layer masks and contrast/colour adjustments
Your task:
  •  TBC
What you will need: 
Photographs taken at Kew Gardens (in digital form, not printed) and a computer with Photoshop CS5 (or above) or Photopea.com.
Extension Task Option:
The screenshots below direct you to the most common areas used in Photoshop. It includes cropping, layers, adjusting contrast, colours, hue/saturation and layer masks. They are designed as reminder notes once you have been shown how to do them by the teacher.
An overview of Photoshop (CS5):
Advanced Photoshop Techniques:
Top Tips:
  •  TBC