Learning Objectives:
  •  Demonstrate the skills learnt in class so far this year
  •  Adopt an ambitious approach to working by embarking on a challenging piece of work
  •  Practise skills in proportion, sketching, shading, detail, mark-making and refinement
What you will need: 
An old boot, Sketching paper (or your sketchbook), a soft pencil (preferably 2B or 4B), rulereraser, a pencil sharpener and a piece of tissue.
Your task:
Preferably, find an old boot to draw that is similar to the one shown on the right. If not, download and draw from this photo.
Following the steps shown in the video demonstration below, produce a detailed drawing of an old boot. Consider what angle you place the boot for an interesting composition and the direction of light on the boot for creating dramatic, varied tonal gradients.​​​​​​​
Today you will:
  1. Plan out the basic shapes
  2. Sketch the outlines
  3. Neaten and refine the outlines
The worksheet to the right might help you.
Next lesson you will move on to:

  4. Shade the boot using gradients

  5. Add texture and detail (using mark-making)
  6. Check and refine your work
Video demo:
Extension Task:
If you are looking for a challenge, consider positioning your boot at a more difficult angle so that you can create more depth. Try to include as many tonal gradients and as much detail as you can. You could also draw two boots with one in front of the other.
Top Tips
  • Avoid applying too much pressure with your pencil when planning/sketching your outlines
  • Use a sharp pencil
  • Look at your boot carefully and frequently and make comparisons with your drawing - play the game, 'spot the difference'
  • Rest your wrist on a scrap piece of paper to avoid any oil from your hands getting on the page (this will be much appreciated later on!)
  • Don't add too much detail until you are 100% happy with your main outlines
Examples of previous students' boot drawings:
What do you think has worked well in these drawings and what do you think could have been improved?