Learning Objectives:
  •  Demonstrate the skills learnt in class so far this year
  •  Adopt an ambitious approach to working by embarking on a challenging piece of work
  •  Practise skills in proportion, sketching, shading, detail, mark-making and refinement
What you will need: 
An old boot, Sketching paper (or your sketchbook), a soft pencil (preferably 2B or 4B), rulereraser, a pencil sharpener and a piece of tissue.
Your task:
Having shaded your boot, you can now make your drawing look even more realistic by reviewing and refining it. Reviewing means checking for any mistakes or bits you missed out, whilst refining means making corrections and neatening.

  1. Compare your drawing with the boot to see where the differences lie
  2. Fix any obvious mistakes, but remember there is no such thing as perfect, so don't be TOO critical
  3. Add any textures or details you didn't add previously
  4. Use an eraser to neaten your work and to remove any unwanted smudges
Video demo:
Top Tips
  • When checking your work, look at your drawing a section at a time. You could imagine there is a grid over it that you are checking one square at a time
  • Consider how the light and dark tones vary within each shape as well as across the whole object
  • Be sure to position your boot at the same angle to the previous lesson
  • Rest your wrist on a scrap piece of paper to avoid any oil from your hands getting on the page
Examples of previous students' boot drawings:
What do you think has gone well and what could have been improved?