Learning Objectives:
  •  Practise the skills learnt in class
  •  Develop independent working habits
  •  Learn to problem-solve
  •  Learn to take risks
What you will need: 
Sketching paper (or your sketchbook), soft pencils (preferably 2B and 4B), colouring pencilseraser, a pencil sharpener, colouring pencils, a black fine-liner pen, watercolours and brushes.
Your Assignments:
Over the course of the year, you will be asked to complete a series of assignments, which will be added to this page as the year goes on. Keep coming back for updates. All work should be photographed and uploaded to ClassCharts on (or before) the due date.
Personal Investigation Project
In this project, you will choose an artist who inspires you and delve into their work and life by answering a series of thought-provoking questions. This exercise will encourage you to develop your critical thinking, analytical skills, and personal artistic preferences.
Assignment 1:  Your inspirations
Choose any artist who truly inspires you. It can be a historical figure or a contemporary artist, and they can work in any artistic medium (painting, sculpture, printmaking, mixed media, etc., but not photography, video or digital media).
I have provided you with a list of questions that delve into your personal thoughts and opinions about your chosen artist. These questions do not have easily searchable answers but rely on your own thoughtful interpretation, opinions and critical thinking.
The impact your artist has made on you:
• Select one artwork by your chosen artist that you find particularly captivating. Explain why it speaks to you and how it makes you feel.
• In your opinion, what emotions or messages do you think your chosen artist aimed to convey through their work?
Artistic styles:
• Consider an artist who worked in a similar style or time period as your chosen artist. How do they compare in terms of their artistic contributions and influences?
• If you were to create a piece of art inspired by your chosen artist, what elements or themes would you incorporate, what would you do differently, and why?
Societal influences:
• How do you perceive the impact of your chosen artist's work on the art world or society during their time?
• Reflect on whether your chosen artist's work challenges or reinforces conventional artistic norms. Explain your perspective.
Bonus question (optional and just for fun):
• Download the ‘Hello History’ app on your phone, pick an artist and ask them the following question about your artist, then write down their response:
“What do you like most about ______’s artwork and why?”
This app uses artificial intelligence so the answers are just a bit of fun and should not be taken too seriously!
9AJ's deadline: 27th September
9MD's deadline: 29th September
Examples of artists:
• Andreas Preis
• Ben Tolman
• Caroline Bletsis
• Chow Martin
• Christina Mrozik
• Denise Nestor
• Douglas Miller
• Franz Marc
• Henri Rousseau
• Sarah Matthews
• Aldo Rossi
• Andrew McKean
• Anthoni Gaudi
• Brett Amory
• CRW Nevinson
• Edward Hopper
• Foujita Tsuguharu
• Ian Murphy
• John Piper
• John Ruskin
• John Singer Sargant
• Adara Sanchez Anguiano
• Bao Pham
• Chalermphol Harnchakkham
• Chris Ofili
• Ernst Haeckel
• Frank Gonzales
• Jamie Hewlett
• Jean Dubuffet
• Joseph Loughborough
• Maurice Sendak
• Sara Blake
Dreams and Imagination:
• Alex Eckman-Lawn
• Dana Bunker
• Gosha Levochkin
• HR Giger
• Jeff Soto
• Jerry Uelsmann?
• Salvador Dali

• Agnes Cecile
• Allison Torneros
• Camile Lescure
• Carravaggio
• Carne Griffiths
• Carolina Rodriguez Fuenmayor
• Christina Troufa
• Chuck Close
• David Adey
• Egon Shiele
• Esther Barend
• Filip Peraic
• Fiona Morley
• Frida Khalo
• Gustav Klimt
• Leonado da Vinci
• Lucian Freud
• MC Escher
• Michelangelo
• Paula Rego
• Vincent van Gogh
• Anagram Bookshop
• Anthony Gormley
• Brian Mock
• Claes Oldenburg
• Derek Kinzett
• Heather Jansch
• Jennifer Collier
• Lisa Nilsson
• Natsumi Honda
• Peter Callessen
• Richard Sweeney
• Claude Monet
• Alfred Sisley
• Allan Pendreigh
• Andrew McKean
• Armand Guillaumin
• David Hockney
• Heather Horton
• Kurt Jackson
• LS Lowry
• Wayne Thiebaud
Assignment 2: Image Analysis
Analyse one of the artists’ works by describing your own thoughts, observations and interpretations. Try to be as creative as you can by thinking 'outside of the box'.
· What does the image depict?
· What is the mood of the image? Consider the artist’s use of colour, the composition and the painting style.
· What do you think the image is trying to say? Is it telling a story or making a statement? Have a go at interpreting the image. Has something just happened or is something about to happen? You will have to use your imagination for this!
· Do you think anything in the image is symbolic of something? What is being represented?
· What are your own thoughts and opinions about the artwork?
· There is no right or wrong interpretation, so be as imaginative as you can.
Try to include comments about the work’s content, context, composition/layout, mood/expression, colours, materials, style and techniques used. Offer more than one possible interpretation for the opportunity to access the higher marks.
9AJ's deadline: 11th October
9MD's deadline: 13th October
Assignment 3: Experiments
Produce 3 or 4 detailed drawings or paintings, experimenting with the techniques and styles used by your chosen artist.
Each study should be a copy a section of an artwork, using appropriate materials, so that your studies are as similar to the artist’s work as possible. Each section should be completed using a different material. Remember, quality is more important than quantity.
9AJ's deadline: 29th November
9MD's deadline: 1st December
Produce an entry for the Kingsley art competition over the Christmas holidays. The theme will be announced just before the October half-term.
Deadline: Monday 22nd January
Assignment 4:  Final Piece
Produce a detailed drawing or painting in the same style as your chosen artist.
Your painting should be A3 or bigger, in colour and based on photographs you have taken.
· Your chosen artwork should be in the style of the artist you researched and analysed.
· Add as much detail as you can, and feel free to use any of the materials and techniques learnt in class.
· You may use any art materials you consider suitable.
· Try to fill the page as much as possible and use colour for the higher marks.
9AJ's deadline: Wednesday 6th March
9MD's deadline: Friday 8th March
Examples of pieces by previous students:
Photography Project