Throughout Years 7, 8 and 9 you will receive marks for your work, which are all out of 10. Below are the grade descriptors your teacher will use, which will help you to understand what each grade means.
An outstanding piece of work that is beyond expectation in terms of skill, effort and achievement. It will have been completed with care and considerable initiative or individuality. You will have taken creative risks that help you to develop your ideas and to create purposeful, imaginative work with some originality. You will have a highly confident use of materials and formal elements, combining these thoughtfully to realise your intentions.
An excellent piece of work that shows a clear understanding of the task set and reflects a confident use of materials and formal elements, combining these to realise your intentions.
A good piece of work that shows a good understanding of the task set. A little more accuracy and/or attention to detail may help you achieve a higher grade. You have effectively communicated your ideas in a visual way, using the formal elements appropriately to help realise your intentions.
An acceptable piece of work that shows a basic understanding of the task set. Effort will have been applied although there may have been some difficulties with technical skills. More initiative and attention to detail may be needed to improve your grade. Try to go beyond the minimum or most obvious solution. Listen carefully to feedback and advice.
There may have been some misunderstanding of the task set or you could benefit from practice to improve your technical skills. Some effort may have been made, but the work has fallen short of expected standards. Make sure you listen carefully to the task set and try your best. If you are in any doubt as to why this grade has been given then make sure you ask your teacher for help. If you find the assignment difficult, see your teacher with your attempts, BEFORE the deadline. Do not leave the work to the last minute!
You have not followed the instructions and/or have not demonstrated the skills/techniques/processes asked of you. You must speak to your teacher to get help before you have another go at the piece of work.
No work was submitted, no effort was made, or your work was plagiarised from someone else.