Learning Objectives:
  •  Learn how to use watercolour paints with the correct consistency
  •  Learn how to keep colour within the lines when painting
  •  Understand what can go wrong when using watercolours and how to avoid issues
  •  Experiment with a range of paint techniques
What you will need: 
Watercolour paper (or your sketchbook), a soft pencil (preferably 2B or 4B), rulereraserpencil sharpener, watercolours, a small brush, a pot of water, a paper towel and a cotton bud.
Your Task (Part 1)
Following the video below, have a practise creating different paint consistencies and seeing how much control you have over keeping the paint within the shapes.
Your Task (Part 2):
Watch the video below and then have a go at the same exercises using watercolours in your sketchbook. It doesn't matter if your boxes are a different size to mine.
Mr Lax's Example:
Top Tips
  • Always point your brush towards the line/edge you are painting
  • Be careful not to add too much water to your brush, as it will give you less control
  • Be careful not to add too much paint to your mix, as it will make the colour look blotchy
  • If you make a mistake, quickly dab it with a paper towel. If needed, apply a bit of clean water to it first. But don't scrub at it, as that could damage the surface of the paper.