Learning Objectives:
  •  Learn how to use mark-making techniques to create texture and variations of tone in a drawing
  •  Experiment with new and creative mark-making techniques
  •  Review and refine work as it develops
What you will need: ​​​​​​​
   • Drawing pencil
   • Eraser
   • ​​​​​​​Ruler
   • ​​​​​​​Black fine liner pen
Your Task (Step 1):
Start by drawing your initial outlines, measuring the width/height of each section/shape as shown in the video below.
Outlines & Reference Image:
Your Task (Part 2):
Add marks to create textures and variations of tone, thinking carefully about how dense or sparse your marks should be.

Erase any pencil guidelines at the end if needed.
Extension Task:
Try drawing the whole of Vincent Van Gogh's portrait using the same techniques. You can download it here...
Top Tips
  • Think carefully about which marks would be most suitable for the section you are about to do
  • Layer up your marks slowly, as you cannot erase pen lines
  • Look for the shapes of the shadows and highlights, rather than the shapes of the facial features.
  • Don't outline shapes that don't need outlining
  • Press harder with the fineliner pen for thicker lines and lighter for thinner lines
Examples of previous students' drawings:
What do you think they did well and what might they have looked to improve?