Learning Objectives:
  •  Learn about the style of artist Martin Craig-Martin
  •  Neaten and refine work produced in previous lessons
  •  Evaluate the success of work produced so far
Your task:
  Add outlines to your your drawing/painting, either using a fine liner pen or a sharp black colouring pencil.
Mr Lax's demo:
The final result
Shown in colouring pencil on the left and watercolour (with fine liner) on the right.
Project Evaluation
How has your work gone? Have you produced a piece in the same style as Michael Craig-Martin? Consider the following:
  •  Your choice of objects
  •  The level of detail you have chosen to include/not include in your initial outlines
  •  How you have arranged your objects to create an interesting composition
  •  Your choice of colours
  •  How neat and refined your work is
Submit your work on ClassCharts or, if you are struggling, by email.