Learning Objectives:
  •  Learn how to create a fur texture using coloured pencils 
  •  Advance drawing techniques using coloured pencils
What you will need: 
Sketching paper (or your sketchbook), a soft pencil (preferably 2B or 4B), coloured pencilseraser, and a pencil sharpener.
Your Task​​​​​​​
After watching the video tutorial below, download and print the photo of the puppy, then draw it the same size as the printed image. 
You should aim to demonstrate the following skills:
  •  Accurate, lightly drawn initial outlines
  •  Varied and contrasting light and dark tones
  •  Layering and varied use of colours
  •  Close attention to texture detail
  •  Appropriate texture techniques for animal fur
  •  Neatness and refinement throughout the drawing
To download the image...

   •  Right click on it and select 'Save image as..."
If this doesn't work, you can download it by clicking on 'Download'...
Stretch & Challenge extension task:
Ready for something even more difficult? If you have a cat or a dog at home, have a go at drawing it from one of your own photographs.
Mr Lax's demo - Initial Outlines
In this video you can see how I have measured the width and height of each shape and used my pencil to check the angles
   1.  Plan the basic shapes
   2.  Sketch your outlines
   3.  Neaten and refine (/make improvements to) your lines
It is not easy, so you may need to check your measurements... and then check them again! 
PART 1: The Outlines
PART 2: Adding Colour
Mr Lax's finished drawing:
  •  Which part of your drawing do you think looks most successful?
  •  How much have your drawing skills improved since your last piece? What did you do differently?
  •  What other animals could you now draw using the same techniques?