Learning Objectives:

  •  Use one's imagination to make creative decisions
  •  Apply the technical skills learnt in previous lessons to produce a unique, personal final response
  •  Learn to review and refine work as it progresses
What you will need: 
Whatever media you have available to you at home, such as pencils, colouring pencils, watercolour, acrylic, oils, oil pastels, chalk pastels, or charcoal. You may also use mixed media (a mixture of different media).
Please do not use: felt tip pens, highlighters or glitter.
Your Task:​​​​​​​
Last lesson, you planned your painting and drew your outlines. Now you are ready to add colour and you have three lessons to do so.
Remember to use the skills you have been learning in art throughout Year 7.
Tips for Success:
Working in Colouring Pencil?
  •  Layer your colours gradually
  •  Keep your shading lines close together to avoid scribble lines appearing
  •  Add as many gradients as you can to make your work look 3D
  •  Add as much detail and texture as you can to make your work look realistic
Working in Watercolour?
  •  Water down your paints to create a wash. Use this to cover the main shapes
  •  Layer up your paints slowly, allowing each layer to dry before adding the next
  •  Don't scrub at the page, or it will start to tear. If you notice small pieces appear, stop and let it dry before continuing. 
  •  Start with the light colours and work up to the darker colours
Working in Acrylic?
  •  Acrylics work well on canvas, but if you use paper make sure it's not too thin
  •  Start with the darker colours and build up to the lighter colours
  •  Try not to add any more water to your brush/paints than you have to. A little bit will help the paint to flow better, but too much makes the paint semi-transparent. 
Working with anything else?
  •  Email Mr Lax for advice.
  •  Have you chosen the most appropriate material for the picture you chose?
  •  Are you challenging yourself enough/too much?
  •  Might adding more gradients make it more 3D?
  •  Might adding more detail or texture make it look more realistic?
At the end of each lesson, please email your work so far, so that you can receive feedback before you continue next lesson.
Examples of previous students' work:
What do you think has gone well and what could have been improved?