A career in the creative industries opens many doors in today’s society. The value of the creative industries to the UK is up from £94.8 billion in 2016 to £101.5 billion and has grown at nearly twice the rate of the economy since 2010, according to figures published today by the Department for Digital, Media, Culture and Sport (DCMS). The increase has been driven in part by a boom in the computer services sub-sector which includes video games, which alone is worth £5.11 billion.  
“The modern world doesn’t reward you for what you know, but  
for what you can do with what you know.”
 - Andreas Schleicher 
Recent research by Andreas Schleicher, who leads the Programme for International Student Assessment at the intergovernmental economic organisation OECD, told a House of Commons inquiry that he believed young people could benefit more from the skills gained through creativity than test-based learning. He stated that “in the fourth industrial revolution, arts may become more important than maths.” 
“We talk about ‘soft skills’ often as social and emotional skills, and hard skills as about science and maths, but it might be the opposite,” he said, suggesting that science and maths may become ‘softer’ in future when the need for them decreases due to technology, and the ‘hard skills’ will be “your curiosity, your leadership, your persistence and your resilience.”
The following are just a few fields in which girls studying art may wish to pursue: 
  3D Design 
  Advertising, Marketing and Media
   -   60 sec interview
   -   60 sec interview
  Art Gallery Curation & Management 
  Art Therapy 
  Arts Administration 
  Concept Artist
  Fashion and Textiles
   -   60 sec interview 1   /   60 sec interview 2
  Film and Television 
  Fine Art
  Game Design
   -   60 sec interview
  Graphic Design 
  History of Art 
-    60 sec interview
  Interior and Spatial Design 
  Jewellery Design
   -   60 sec interview
  Landscape and Garden Design
   Medical Illustrator and Forensic Artist
   -   60 sec interview
  Photography & Videography   -   60 sec interview
  Product Design   -   60 sec interview
  Teaching and Lecturing 
  Theatre Set and Costume Design
 Urban Designer
  User Experience (UX) Designer
   -   60 sec interview 

  Visual Effects Designer   -   60 sec interview
   Visual Merchandiser 
  Web Design 
Many students have gone on to study art, photography or other similar creative degrees at university at the following destinations: 
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